Story of the Grocer and the fruit seller for HSC:

The story of the grocer and the fruit seller is an important completing story topic for the examinees of SSC and HSC. This is an educative story through which we learn that we never should lie to others. We should not cheat other people. The result of a wrong deed is not good and returns to us with so many bad things.

The grocer and the fruit seller:

Once there were a grocer and fruit seller in a village market. One day the grocer borrowed the balance and the weights of the fruit seller with the bad intent that he would not return the balance and the weights. After a couple of days, the fruit seller asked the grocer to return his balance and the weights. The grocer told the fruit seller that the mice of his shop had eaten the balance and the weights.

Instead of showing an angry reaction, the fruit controlled his temper. He replied to the grocer in a soft voice that it was his bad luck.

After a couple of days, the fruit seller informed the grocer that he was going to town to buy fruits. He requested the grocer to allow his young son to go with him to buy fruits. The grocer thought that it was a benefit for him because his son would learn how to buy fruits. So, he allowed his young son to go with the fruit seller.

In the evening the fruit seller returned to the market from town buying a huge quantity of fruits. But the grocer noticed that his son was not with the grocer. He asked the fruit seller about his son. The fruit replied with a sorry mood that a crow took away his son.

The grocer got angry. He angrily replied that it was not possible for a crow to carry a heavy weight like his son. The grocer also said that the fruit seller was lying because it was quite impossible.

The fruit seller was a cool-headed person. He relied on a soft voice that the crow carried away the boy in the same way as the mice ate the balance and the weights.

The grocer got ashamed. He could realize his fault. He returned the balance and the weights of the fruit seller. The grocer also apologized for his misdeed and misbehavior. Thus, the fruit seller took revenge and taught the grocer a good lesson. He got back his things by applying his intelligence.

Moral of the story: Be honest and be happy. Never cheat others.

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