Write a letter to your father about a train journey

Writing a letter to the father about a train journey is one of the important informal letters for the HSC examination. So, the HSC examinees should know how to write a letter to the father about a train journey. The students should emphasize writing an error-free letter to get good marks in their exams.

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Letter to father about a train journey

Suppose you are Rupak a college student in Dhaka. Your native city is Chittagong. On your last summer vacation, you went to your home city to spend your vacation with your family. After vacation, you returned to Dhaka by train. Your father saw you off at the station. You reached Dhaka safe and sound. Now write a letter to your father about the train journey from Chittagong to Dhaka.


June 21, 2023

Mirpur, Dhaka

Dear Father,

Assalamualaikum. Hope you and mother are well. I am also well. I reached Dhaka safe and sound.

You saw me off at the Chittagong railway station and told me to write to you about the train journey.

Just at 7.00 AM, our train started running toward Dhaka from Chittagong station. I was lucky because I got a window seat. So, I could easily see the natural beauty through the window. On my side, there were beautiful green hills. Our train was running along the mountainside. I was enjoying the fresh air of early morning and the natural beauty of Bangladesh. It was such a beauty which is difficult to describe in words.

At 9.00 AM our train reached Feni station. It was a five-minute break at Feni station. Some people got down from the train. On the contrary, a huge number of passengers got into the train. The hawkers were selling different types of snacks. I wanted to buy Jhal Muri. But I did not buy anything as Amma forbade me to buy anything from the hawkers while saying goodbye at home. So, I always avoid eating or drinking anything from the hawkers or strangers to be safe from the clutches of miscreants on public transport.

At 9.05 AM our train started running toward Dhaka. As it was an intercity train it did not touch all the stations. When I felt thirsty I ate chocolate without drinking water. Because the washrooms on the train were very dirty. So, I ate chocolate without drinking water to quench my thirst to avoid using the dirty washroom. I had good quality chocolate with me. It was a high-speed train. So, it took only one hour to reach Cumilla railway station from Feni station. After a short break at Cumilla station, our train again started moving.

I was enjoying the green trees and the green fields through the train window. Farmers were working, fishermen were catching fish, young boys were playing, birds were flying, and village women were drying paddy.

Our train reached Kamalapur railway station at 12.30 PM. Before reaching Dhaka, the train stopped at Narsingdi and Airport railway station.

It was an excellent train journey. I reached my college hostel safe and sound. I enjoyed the journey very much.

Please keep me in your prayers. Stay well.

Your loving son


RupakAzad Choudhury
House#15, Road#15House#07, Road#21
Dhanmondi, DhakaAgrabad, Chittagong

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