Write a letter to your younger brother advising him how to avoid bad company

Writing a letter to a brother advising him to avoid bad company is a common and important informal letter for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should know how to write a letter of advice or suggestion to their younger brother.

Counseling of elder brothers or sisters is very effective in bringing a positive change in the lifestyle or thinking of the younger brothers or sisters. That’s why this letter is always important in the syllabus of schools and colleges.

Best wishes to the students.

Letter to your younger brother advising him to avoid bad company

Suppose, you are Imran a university student. Your younger brother Rafi is studying at a college. Rafi is mixing with the bad boys of the locality. Now write a letter to your brother Rafi advising him to avoid bad company.

June 21, 2023

Baridhara, Dhaka

Dear Rafi,

Take my cordial love. Hope you are well. I am also well.

Yesterday I received a letter from our mother. It was shocking information for me that you are mixing with the bad boys of our area. The boys are smokers. Some of them are also engaged in anti-social activities. They do not go to school or college. They are a great nuisance to the society and the local people.

You are a good student. Our father is a teacher. Not only as a teacher but also as a good man our father has a great reputation in the area. Everyone respects our father. You also have a reputation as a good boy and a good student.

I am your elder brother I am studying at a university. The people of our area know our family as an ideal family. So, how a member of our family can mix with the bad boys of the area? Right at this moment you should avoid bad company. You must do it not only for the betterment of you but also for our family.

I am giving you some suggestions on how to avoid bad company:

  • Give more time to your studies.
  • Go to college every day.
  • On vacation, you can visit our relative’s home.
  • You can start a course to develop your skills. The course could be computer programming.
  • Buy some story books and read them in your free time.

If you follow my suggestion, you will not have any free time to waste. It’s up to you how you will utilize your time. If you are serious about utilizing your time in doing good things nobody will be able to distract you.

You are the youngest member of our family. So, everyone loves you so much. As a result, we want to see you in a good position in the future.

No more today. Stay well and safe.

Your elder brother


House#04, Block#AHouse#07, Road#21, Sector#03
Baridhara, DhakaUttara, Dhaka

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