Story of Androcles and the Lion for HSC

The Story of Androcles and the Lion is an ancient moral story. By reading the story we can understand the value of doing something good to others. Androcles helped a lion in a jungle and in return, the lion became a faithful friend of Androcles for the whole life.

Such types of stories inspire us to be kind to human beings and also to the animal. The story of Androcles and the Lion is an important story for the SSC and HSC examinees. Students are requested to read and write the story several times to get good marks in the exam.

Lots of good wishes to the students.

Story of Androcles and the Lion

Long ago in ancient societies, slavery was prevalent. The rich people of the society kept slaves for their work. The slaves had to do all sorts of work according to the order of their masters. The story is about a slave of that time. The name of the slave was Androcles. He was a slave of Rome.

The master of Androcles was rude and harsh. He used to misbehave with the Androcles. Androcles worked hard for his master from dawn to dusk. But the amount of food for Androcles was not enough. As a result, Androcles was becoming weak and sick day by day. Sometimes the master beat Androcles with a stick for no reason.

Androcles made a plan to flee from the master’s home. One night Androcles fled from the master’s house on the sly. He went hiding in a nearby jungle.

The life of a human being is always eventful. Whenever Androcles was walking through the jungle he saw a lion just in front of him. Androcles got scared. He was so frightened that he lost his strength to run from the spot.

But after a while, Androcles was astonished because the lion did not make any attempt to attack him. Rather the lion was looking at Androcles pathetically. Right at that moment Androcles noticed that the lion was moaning in pain.

Androcles approached the lion sheepishly. When he went near the lion, the ferocious animal forwarded the front right leg toward Androcles. Androcles saw that blood was dropping down from the leg of the lion. So, he went closer to the lion and touched the leg of the lion. Androcles saw a big thorn on the leg of the lion. He uprooted the thorn from the leg. Androcles also collected some grass. By wringing the grass, he poured the extract of the grass on the wound of the lion’s leg. The essence of the grass worked as an antibiotic to heal the wound fast.

After an hour the lion felt well. The lion could realize that Androcles was hungry. So, within the twinkle of an eye, the lion managed food for Androcles. It was a deer. Androcles grilled the meat of the deer with fire. But the lion ate the fresh meat. Both of them ate full stomachs. After taking a little rest the lion and Androcles started walking toward the cave of the lion. The days were amazing for both the lion and the Androcles.

But one day when Androcles was walking alone in the jungle near their cave the royal soldiers noticed him. Through primary interrogation, the soldiers came to know that he was a slave of a rich man in the kingdom. As a result, the soldiers nabbed him and placed him in front of the royal judge.

At that time there was a rule to give a death sentence if any slave fled their master’s house. And the execution of the death was brutal. The convicted was put inside the cage of a hungry fierce lion as a meal of the lion to execute death.

According to the law of the country, the royal soldiers pushed Androcles inside the cage of a big lion. Thousands of people were there to see the incident. The king and the queen were also there. But all of them became astonished to see the scenario. The lion was supposed to swoop on Androcles to kill and eat. But instead of killing Androcles the lion went near the feet of Androcles and started licking his feet just like a faithful dog.

The king and the queen ordered the soldiers to bring Androcles near to them. They brought Androcles in front of the king and the queen. The king asked Androcles why the lion did not kill him. Androcles told everything to the king. The king became very happy to hear the story of the friendship between the lion and Androcles. So, the king set Androcles free and appointed him as a soldier of his army. Moreover, the king gave Androcles the responsibility of looking after the lion.

Moral of the story:

a. Love returns love.

b. Gratitude is the sign of a noble soul!

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