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Dhaka Metro rail:

The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka. Dhaka is a megacity. About twenty million people live in this city. But the area of Dhaka is not big enough compared to the people who live here. As a result, intolerable traffic jam is a common scene on the streets of Dhaka.

An ideal city should have at least 30% roads of its total area for smooth communication. But in Dhaka, there are only 9% of roads of its total area. So, it’s difficult to move on the street of Dhaka easily. A large number of vehicles move on a limited number of roads. Besides, the roads are not spacious enough.

To get rid of this problem and to improve the situation of public transport the government decided to launch metro rail. Metro rail is a modern communication system that helps the citizen of a city to move fast from one part of the city to another part. The official name of the Dhaka Metro rail is Dhaka Metro Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). But the local people call it Dhaka metro rail. The slogan of Dhaka metro rail is “Moving People Saving Time and Environment”.

Dhaka metro rail has linked the north and the center of Dhaka. The northern station of the metro rail is Diabari, Uttara. The government also has a plan to extend the northern part up to Tongi. The southern station of the Dhaka metro rail is Motijheel. This authority is working to extend this part up to Kamalapur railway station.

Motijheel is the commercial area of Dhaka. Uttara is a modern residential area. Mirpur is also a big and bustling residential area. Millions of people live here. A large number of people from Uttara and Mirpur travel every day to Agargaon, Farmgate, Dhaka University, and Motijheel for different purposes. On the way to Motijheel from Uttara the metro rail will stop at several stations. The main stations are Pallabi, Mirpur-10, Agargaon, Farmgate, Dhaka University, Secretariate, etc. There are also so many government offices at Agargaon. So, the Dhaka metro rail is crossing, touching, and connecting so many important residential, official, and commercial areas of Dhaka. There are 16 stations in total from Diabari to Motijheel.

On December 28, 2022, the prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the metro rail. The operator of the first train was Mariam Afiza. Mariam is the symbol of the empowerment of women and also the ability of women.

In the beginning, the metro rail authority operated a few numbers of trains for a limited time on a trial basis. And the destinations were only Uttara to Agargaon. But with the passage of time, the authority has expanded time and stations. Thousands of people are getting benefits from the Dhaka metro rail.

The distance between Diabari to Motijheel metro station is 20.1 km. It will take less than 40 minutes to reach Motijheel from Uttara. The metro rail will carry 60,000 passengers per hour. It’s a great achievement of Bangladesh. The people of Dhaka city will get relief from the intolerable traffic jam. Their valuable working hours will also be saved. Thus, Dhaka metro rail will contribute a lot to flourish our economy.

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