Paragraph Visiting A Book Fair for SSC

Visiting A Book Fair or A Book Fair You Have Visited is an important paragraph for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should know how to write a paragraph on visiting a book fair.

By reading the paragraph students will know details about the following things of a book fair,

  • About a book fair.
  • Largest book fair in Bangladesh.
  • Types of books we get in a book fair.
  • Decoration of a book fair and the book stalls.
  • Meeting with writers.

Visiting A Book Fair

Last Friday I visited the Bangla Academy Book Fair with my parents. It is the largest book fair in Bangladesh. Every year in February Bangla Academy arranges this book fair on the Bangla Academy premises for the book lovers at home and abroad.

Generally, the booksellers at the book fair display books of various kinds and tastes to create interest among readers of all ages to buy and read more and more books. This fair is known as ‘Ekushey Boi Mela’.

The decoration of the main gate was simple but attractive. There was an entry fee for every single person. I entered the fair with my parents and began to move from one stall to another with great enthusiasm. Hundreds of book stalls were there of different publications.

The booksellers decorated their stalls nicely. The bookstalls were truly eye-catching. As I am a book lover I became excited to see different types of beautiful books. Books were being sold at discount rates. Many rare books were also found available at the fair.  People from all walks of life of all ages were at the fair.

Many poets, novelists, and writers were also present at the fair. They were busy exchanging greetings with the book lovers. Moreover, the writers were putting their signatures as autographs on their books.

I bought some books at the suggestion of my parents. The books are ‘Pallisomaj’ by Sarat Chandra, ‘Josna O Jononir Golpo’ by Humayun Ahmed, and ‘Hajar Bachhar Dhare’ by Zahir Raihan. Different socio-cultural organizations organize seminars and cultural programs at the fair. We enjoyed a drama based on the language movement of 1952.

A book fair reminds us that books are our best friends. The day was an excellent day for me. So, I will never forget the memory of the day.

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