Write a letter to your father about a study tour you enjoyed a few days ago:

Writing a letter to your father about a study tour you enjoyed a few days ago is an important informal letter for the students of SSC and HSC. The study tour is part and parcel of student life. Students learn so many things from a study tour.


Suppose, you are Zarif a student of class 12. A few days ago the teachers and the students of your college went to Sonargaon for a study tour. Now write a letter to your father about the study tour you enjoyed.


May 23, 2023

Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Dear Father,

Assalamuaalaikum. Hope you are well. I am also well.

I got your letter just now. You wanted to know about our study tour.

You know last Friday we went to Sonargaon a historically important place in Bangladesh for a study tour. It was a day-long tour. We started our journey towards Sonargaon from our college campus at 7.00 AM. Our teachers were with us.

The study tour is important for the students because they can see ancient things and historical places closely. So, the students can set the scene of the place with the topic of their textbook. Because setting the scene has a great significance in learning and understanding any lesson in depth.

Sonargaon is not very far from Dhaka. So, it took just one hour to reach Sonargaon. Getting off the bus we had our breakfast. After breakfast, we went around Sonargaon.

Sonargaon was the capital of ancient Bangla. The famous Isa Khan was the ruler of Sonargaon. The prominent and ancient Panam city is also located here at Sonargaon. The upper-class people of that time lived here in this city. There are still some old buildings that remind us of the gorgeous lifestyle of the rich and influential people of that time. Until the arrival of Mughal Sonargaon was the capital of Bengal. The Folklore Museum of Sonargaon is a great attraction for visitors. This museum is also known as Sonargaon Museum. We have seen a lot of ancient things here in this museum. The sword of Isa Khan is also kept here. The natural beauty around Sonargaon is really matchless and mind-blowing.

There is also a big and beautiful primitive pond just beside the palace of Isa Khan which is now a Museum. Around the pond, there are so many beautiful trees. Among all the trees coconut trees are the most attractive. There is also a lovely staircase (Ghat) on one side of the pond. One can easily touch the pond water using the staircase. We sat on the staircase for a while. It was really amazing.

At 1.30 PM we had our lunch from restaurants nearby. We did not cook because we wanted to spend our time exploring the ancient city. After having our lunch, we enjoyed a cultural show arranged by the local administration of Sonargaon. It was an excellent cultural program. So many prominent folk artists from different parts of Bangladesh joined and performed at the function. We all enjoyed the cultural program with rapt attention. Meanwhile, it became 5.00 PM. So, we all boarded our bus. At 5.30 PM our bus started running towards Dhaka. At 7.00 PM we reached our college hostel. It was such an excellent study tour we will never forget.

Your loving son


ZarifSadiq Murtoza
House#4, Road#02House#07, Road#21, Sector#03
Dhanmondi, DhakaUttara, Dhaka

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