Write an application for opening an English language club

Writing an application for opening an English language club to the headteacher or principal of schools and colleges is an important formal letter for the students. The application is always important for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know how to write an application for opening an English language club to the chief of their educational institute.

Application for opening an English language club

Suppose, you are a student of Barishal Zilla School. Your school is one of the best schools in your district. But it is a matter of regret that your school has no English language club. As a result, the students of Barishal Zilla School do not get sufficient opportunities to practice and develop their English language skills. Now write an application to the headteacher of your school to open an English language club.


To: headteacherbzs2010@gmail.com

From: sultanahmed2024@gmail.com

Subject: Application for opening an English language club.


With due respect and dignity, we the students of your school, would like to state that despite the immense necessity there is no English language club in our school.

You know because of its diverse and huge use in every sphere of life English has got the dignity and recognition of the international language. In this era of globalization, wherever we live we are global citizens. So, to keep pace with the global community and challenges we must be good at global language English. Without having a good command of English, we will not be able to go at the same speed as the ever-changing demands and challenges of the earth.

In the English language club students will get adequate opportunities to practice and improve English language skills in different ways. Students will talk to each other in English to develop their speaking skills. Students will watch and listen to English news on television to improve their listening skills. There are also so many specially designed tutorials on YouTube to improve both listening and speaking skills. Our English language club will be equipped with modern technologies such as television, computers, and internet connection. An English language club with such type of facilities will ensure an environment of effective language learning.

Students will also get the opportunity to read English newspapers and storybooks in the English language club. Reading English storybooks and newspapers will help the students enrich their vocabulary. This is the best way of learning vocabulary. It is also an excellent way of developing the reading habits of the students. By developing reading habits in English newspapers and storybooks, over time students will be good at the English language which is the ultimate goal of an English language club of a school.

We the students of your school therefore humbly request you to consider our prayer with utmost importance to open an English language club in our school so that we can develop our English language skills through effective and comprehensive practice.

Sincerely yours

The students of

Barishal Zilla School

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