Letter to the editor about the problem of drug addiction

Writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the problem of drug addiction is an important newspaper letter for the SSC and HSC examinees. So, students should know how to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper.

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Letter to the editor about drug addiction

Suppose you are a college student and live in an area of Dhaka city. Recently drug addiction has become a problem in your area. Now write a letter to the editor of a newspaper to publish your letter to bring the issue of drug addiction to the attention of the law enforcing agencies.

November 11, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

The Editor

The Daily Star

Karwan Bazar, Dhaka

Subject: Concern about drug addiction problem at Uttara.


With due respect, I would like to request you to publish the following letter in your popular daily.

Sincerely yours


Drug addiction problem at Uttara:

Uttara is a beautiful area of Dhaka city. Thousands of people live here. All types of amenities are available here for the citizens. A good number of schools and colleges are located at Uttara. As a result, a large number of people like to reside in Uttara.

But recently the problem of drug addiction has increased in this area. The most worrisome fact is that school and college-going teenagers are becoming drug addicts. The drug sellers target students to increase their sales.

Students are putting pressure on their parents to manage money to buy drugs by telling lies. If they cannot manage money from home, they involve themselves in different anti-social activities like extortion, snatching, etc. for money.

Students are future leaders of the country. But the terrible paws of the drug are destroying the beautiful future of young people.

To get rid of this awfully dangerous situation the Narcotics Control Directorate and law enforcement agencies should launch a special drive against the drug and drug sellers. There should be zero tolerance against drug sellers.

Educational institutions should arrange counselling for their students to make them understand the dire consequences of drug addiction. Different socio-cultural organizations can show documentaries and dramas to raise awareness against drugs. These activities will make people conscious of the harmful side of the drugs.

The drug has a close connection with crime. So, to build a drug and crime-free beautiful society the authorities concerned should take immediate steps. Moreover, to ensure a bright future for the young people of the society drug and drug addiction should be stopped right now.

Reluctant to be named

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