Letter to editor about price hike:

A letter to the editor of a newspaper about price hike is important for the examinees of SSC and HSC. Students should know how to write a newspaper letter for their exams and also for real life.

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Suppose you are Rakin a resident of Dhaka city. You belong to a middle-class family. Your father is an employee of a private company. Because of the recent price hike of essential commodities, your father cannot buy necessary things, especially food for the family. Now write a letter to the editor of The Daily Star requesting to publish your letter in the public opinion section for the greater interest of the general people.


May 27, 2022

The Editor

The Daily Star

Karwan Bazar, Dhaka

Subject: Price hike of essential commodities and the sufferings of the people.

Dear Sir,

I will be happy if you publish the following letter related to the public interest in your renowned daily.

Price hike of essential commodities and the suffering of the people:

The sharp rise in the price of essential commodities has become intolerable. The people who belong to the middle class and live under the poverty line are the worst sufferer because of the present price hike. Among all other essential commodities, food prices are increasing by leaps and bounds. We all know without food people cannot live. Because of the excessive price of food people have become compelled to lessen their eating of food. It will result in malnutrition and different types of diseases in the long run.

In big cities, a huge number of people eat food from restaurants. Restaurant owners have increased the prices of their food items. As a result, people have to cut short their menu and eat less than previous time. General people are really passing a difficult time managing their budget. They are spending more money by eating less.

In this situation, the government can give subsidies to control the price hike. The government also should take stern action against the syndicate who are responsible for the price hike.

Sincerely yours


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