Paragraph College Magazine for HSC

College Magazine is one of the important paragraphs for college students. Because the paragraph college magazine comes up in exams very often. So, HSC examinees should emphasize reading and writing the paragraph college magazine to get good marks in their exams.

After reading the paragraph students will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is a college magazine?
  • Who are the writers of college magazines?
  • How to form the magazine committee?
  • Who provides all-out support to the magazine committee?
  • What type of writing is included in the magazine?
  • What is the role of a college magazine in developing the writing skills of the students?

(Paragraph-1): College Magazine

College magazine is a special publication of a college. It could be published yearly or half-yearly. Usually at the beginning of the year a magazine committee is formed. Under the supervision of the principal or vice principal, a meeting is held to form the magazine committee.

Senior teachers and students become members of the magazine committee. Every member of the college governing body patronizes the committee in every possible way to make their effort a success. A senior professor could be the chief editor of the magazine. After the formation of the magazine committee, it starts working.

The chief of the committee issues a notice inviting writings from the students and the faculty. The teachers and the students submit their writings on or before the deadline of submitting their writings. The language of their writings could be both Bangla and English. They write poems, short stories, articles, career tips, student success stories, jokes, etc.

The magazine also publishes important messages from the principal and the college teachers. Every student has hidden talent. A college magazine helps to bring out the latent talent of the students. Both the teachers and the students can develop their writing skills by writing for the college magazine.

This is a platform for future writers. Because by writing for the magazine the students can develop their confidence to write. After collecting writings from the teachers and the students, the magazine committee sorts out the good writings to publish.

Then the committee takes steps to print and publish the magazine. At last, the magazine comes to light. The writers of the magazine become excited and happy to see their writings in print. The students of the college also become enthusiastic to read the writings of their friends and teachers.

A college magazine plays a great role in inspiring students to read and write more. It also helps them to be more confident to write more.

(Paragraph-2): Our College Magazine

Our college is famous not only for its good academic results but also for a wide range of co-curricular activities. Among all other co-curricular activities publishing two college magazines in a year is mentionable.

On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, in February every year, our college publishes a magazine. Another magazine is published in December on the occasion of victory day of Bangladesh.

Last year the name of the magazine February was “Bangla Naame Desh” and December was “Amader Bijoy”. The name changes every year according to the decision of the magazine committee.

Last year the magazine published in February was named “Bangla Naame Desh (A country called Bangla)” and the magazine published in December was named “Notun Surjo (New Sun)”. Every year new names are given to the magazine according to the decision of the magazine committee.

The process of forming the college magazine committee is democratic. Two students from class eleven and two students from class twelve are elected by the votes of the students of their respective classes. Four teachers are elected on oral votes of the teachers. Our college magazine committee consists of ten members. The other two members are ex-officio our principal and vice-principal sir. The formation of the committee is completed at the beginning of the year.

College students and faculty members submit their writeups before February 05 for the February magazine and November 20 for the December magazine. After getting the writeups the committee members have to do a lot of work that includes selecting better texts, computer composing, proofreading, printing in magazine format from a press, etc. Our principal sir leads the team with his extraordinary leadership skills.

Our science teachers generally write scholarly articles on different subjects of science. History teacher emphasizes writing about important historical events of Bangladesh and the world. These writings are tremendously helpful for the readers to know plenty of unknown facts about science and history. Students also write quality writing to publish in the college magazine. Selecting articles for publication among so many good-quality articles is certainly a difficult task for the journal committee.

Our college authority arranges special programs on February 21 and December 16 on the occasion of Language Day and Victory Day. All the guardians and local respectable people are invited on the days. The chairman of the college managing committee unveils the cover of the college magazine. Then we distribute a copy of the magazine to each person. This moment is so exciting and delightful for us.

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