Right form of verb exercise for SSC and HSC

The right form of verb is an important grammar point for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should practice the right form of verb and understand the rules of using the correct verb in the right position. Ample exercise of the right form of the verb will help the students for taking a good preparation for the SSC and HSC examinations. More and more exercise is essential to be good at any grammar point.

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Right for of verb exercise with answers for SSC and HSC

  1. Complete the following text with the right forms of the verbs given in the box. 0.5×10=5

E-commerce is rapidly being (a. —) in our country. It may be (b. —) as a business process through electronic transaction. Buyers and sellers are not (c. —) to talk face to face. We can get our required product (d. —) at home. By (e. —) an E-commerce website people can buy things easily. Online purchase (f. —) us from the hassle of going to market. Over time, online business is (g. —) popular rapidly. This business model is also helpful for the sellers because they (h. —) to rent an expensive showroom to sell their products. It is (i. —) that it will (j. —) our domestic business very soon.


  1. spread b. defined c. required d. staying e. using f. relieves g. becoming h. do not need i. anticipated j. promote

2. Complete the following text with the right form of verbs given in the box. 0.5×10=5


Mass media can play an important role in (a. —) knowledge and consciousness among the general people. The role of a newspaper is always significant in (b. —) public opinion. A newspaper can spread knowledge and information about agriculture and technology easily. Even newspapers can play a great role in (c. —) political conflict and (d. —) tolerance among the disagreeable parties. A piece of news (e. —) its truth, objectivity, and non-partiality. Sourcing is very important in news (f. —). A responsible newspaper (g. —) any news that can break the law and order of the country. We know a piece of news from a newspaper has a great impact on our society. So, biased news (h. —) in a newspaper. Because of false news untoward situations (i. —) in the country. Newspapers should publish news (j. —) the truth, reality, and public opinions.


  1. spreading b. creating c. resolving d. building e. should have f. writing g. does not print h. should not be printed i. may arise j. emphasizing

3. Complete the following text with the right forms of the verbs given in the box.  0.5×10=5

addseedisconnectconnectTo be

Mobile phone is now an essential communication tool in our everyday life. There is no doubt that it (a. —) so many new advantages to our life. Everyone in every profession (b. —) using this modern communication device. A marketing officer remains (c. —) with his sales team through mobile phone. Constant communication is important for marketing. Without a mobile phone he (d. —) with his team. It (e. —) a business organization in many ways. The service of a mobile phone (f. —) in short. Its biggest advantage is portability. People (g. —) a single day without this useful device. Though our mother language is Bangla, (h. —) mobile phone in Bangla (i. —) not easy for us. After (j. —) Bangla as the operating language it becomes difficult for us to understand the instruction.


  1. has added b. is seen c. connected d. will be disconnected e. facilitates f. cannot be described g. cannot pass h. using i. is j. installing

4. Fill in the gaps of the following text with the right form of the verbs given in the box.  0.5×10=5


Information technology has (a. —) the process of globalization. In the field of information technology, the internet has (b. —) greatly. It has (c. —) the world smaller and (d. —) the world within our reach. It (e. —) information within a short time. It (f. —) also (g. —) about a great change in banking sectors. It has (h. —) our knowledge and so our life patterns (i. —). So, we (j. —) gaining knowledge of it.


  1. quickened b. occupied c. made d. brought e. can transmit or transmits f. has g. brought h. deepened i. has changed j. cannot help

5. Fill in the gaps of the following text with the right form of the verbs given in the box.  0.5×10=5


Student life (a. —) the golden season of life. This (b. —) the time when we should (c. —) ourselves for the future. The very habits (d. —) in the student life (e. —) the later phases of life. To get fruits from a tree we must take care of the tree. Similarly, to get a good result in the future we (f. —) every second of our student life properly. Otherwise, we (g. —) the consequences in our (h. —) life. To (i. —) in life there is no alternative to hard work. Time (j. —) properly if a student wants to be successful in life.


  1. is called b. is c. prepare d. formed e. influence f. should utilize g. will suffer h. working i. succeed j. should be utilized

6. Fill in the gaps of the following text with the right form of the verbs given in the box. 0.5×10=5

realizesleepTo behearcall

Dogs (a. —) friendly, obedient, and faithful animals. We have (b. —) many stories about the bravery and faithfulness of dogs. My brother has a pet dog. He (c. —) the dog Tom. Tom (d. —) at night. The dog stay awake the entire night to guard our home. One night some thieves (e. —) to our home to steal valuable things. They (f. —) about Tom. So, they (g. —) poisonous food with them to feed Tom. The thieves (h. —) the toxic food in front of Tom. But Tom is an intelligent dog. Tom (i. —) the bad intentions of the strangers. Instead of (j. —) the food, Tom started barking.


a. are b. heard c. calls d. does not sleep e. came f. knew g. brought h. put i. could realize j. eating

7. Fill in the gaps of the following text with the right form of the verbs given in the box.  0.5×10=5

fallto befishrainrain

The rainy day is charming to many of us. Sometimes it (a. —) incessantly and sometimes it (b. —) continuously on a rainy day. The view of rain (c. —) on a river or water body (d. —) truly amazing. It is a favorite day for fishermen. Because there are plenty of fish in the river on rainy days. They (e. —) in groups in the river with great pleasure. A student also (f. —) a rainy day because he (g. —) to go to school. A housewife both in rural and urban areas (h. —) khichuri for her family members. But for working people, a rainy day is not always good. Because (i. —) out in search of work is not possible on a rainy day. As a result, they (j. —) good food for their children.


  1. rains b. does not rain c. falling d. is e. fish f. loves g. does not need h. cooks i. going j. cannot buy

8. Fill in the gaps of the following text with the right form of the verbs given in the box. 0.5×10=5


Many students (a. —) their studies from the beginning of the year. When the examination (b. —), they start (c. —) very seriously. Sometimes, they (d. —) notes from their friends. Sometimes the learners get the answers (e. —) by their private tutors. They (f. —) these notes by heart without (g. —). As a result, their power of (h. —) does not develop. If they find any new questions in the examination, they cannot (i. —) it properly. So, many students cannot do well in the examination. If the students had worked hard following the right way, they (j. —) good marks in their exams.


  1. neglect b. approaches c. reading d. collect e. prepared f. memorize g. understanding h. thinking i. answer j. would have got

9. Fill in the gaps of the following text with the right form of the verbs given in the box. 0.5×10=5


Time is compared to a traveller who (a. —) anywhere for long. A person (b. —) the time to accept hospitality in his house just for a couple of hours. He (c. —) time delicious dishes and expensive gifts. The person offers bells (d. —) of the best gold for the non-stop and tireless horse of the time. He will (e. —) a peacock dance in honor of the time. But time is such an abstract thing that never stays. The greatest tragedy is that it never (f. —) back. It never (g. —). Man has been able to (h. —) the world but he (i. —) by the time. Man has made everything his puppet with his intelligence. But man is defeated by time because we (j. —) always puppets of time.


  1. does not stay b. welcomes c. offers d. made e. arrange f. comes g. waits h. conquer i. is chained j. are

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