Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper

Writing dialogue between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper is an important conversation for the students. It is a common dialogue in school exams. So, students should emphasize practicing the dialogue just like reading a newspaper.

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(Dialogue-1): Dialogue between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper

Suppose, you are a high school student. Arif is your close friend and studies in the same class as you. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Arif about the importance of reading the newspaper.


Myself: Good morning.

Arif: Good morning.

Myself: How are you?

Arif: I’m good. What about you?

Myself: I’m also good.

Arif: Where are you going?

Myself: I’m going to buy newspapers from the newspaper stall.

Arif: Great. Do you buy newspapers daily?

Myself: Yes, I buy and read one Bangla and one English newspaper every day.

Arif: That’s great. Is it your habit to read the newspaper regularly? And what is the benefit of reading the newspapers?

Myself: You know, the newspaper is the treasury of knowledge. By reading newspapers, we can get various information from both home and abroad.

Arif: Why do you read both Bangla and English newspapers every day?

Myself: By reading both Bangla and English newspapers, we can develop our Bangla and English language skills besides knowing the information about newly invented wonders of science and technology. That’s why I read attentively both Bangla and English newspapers.

Arif: Do we get information about science and technology by reading a newspaper?

Myself: You know in the field of science and technology every day new inventions or new versions of existing technology are being added. Through newspapers, we can keep ourselves updated with the news and information on the latest inventions of science and technology.

Arif: Can we learn about the pros and cons and the usage of new technology through newspapers?

Myself: Yes. Because newspapers have science and technology pages to let us know details of everything about new technology. A newspaper even discusses the usefulness and uses of any particular technology or software.

Arif: Thank you for your information

Myself: Thank you also.

(Dialogue-2): Dialogue writing between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper

Suppose you are Sume a high school student. Shuha is your close friend. Now write a dialogue between you and Shuha about the importance of reading newspaper.


Suma: Hello Shuha! How is everything?

Shuha: Pretty good. What about you?

Suma: Good. Let’s sit somewhere and talk.

Shuha: Let’s go our home.

Suma: Good idea.

Shuha: Do you love tea?

Suma: Yes, I do.

Shuha: Ok. I will prepare tea within five minutes. Wait here. In the meantime, you can read the newspaper. Both Bangla and English newspapers are here.

Suma: Your tea is very good. But I have enjoyed reading the newspaper more than the tea. Is it a tradition in your family to keep a newspaper daily?

Shuha: Yes, friend. It’s a regular practice at our home. Every member of our family read the newspaper.

Suma: What about you? Don’t you read a newspaper regularly?

Shuha: It’s obligatory. Because my parents have made it mandatory for me and my siblings to read newspapers daily. If we do not read the newspaper daily they rebuke us.

Suma: Magnificent system.

Shuha: Do you read the newspaper daily?

Suma: I am not habituated to reading newspapers daily. I am somewhat lazy. After completing my homework I watch TV instead of reading a newspaper.

Shuha: But, you ought to read a newspaper regularly. Because you know reading the newspaper is very important for all.

Suma: Yes, everyone says reading the newspaper is important. But my question is why reading the newspaper is important?

Shuha: Okay let me explain the importance of reading newspapers to you. You may get some breaking news from TV. But newspapers not only let you know the news but also help to develop your reading habits.

Suma: Anything more about the benefit or importance of reading newspapers?

Shuha: You know to be an entrepreneur or to get a good job soft skills are important. Among all the soft skills, communication skill is the most important skill. To take communication skills to the standard level reading a newspaper is a must. Because newspaper sharpens your language skill.

Suma: Excellent information. Please tell me some more benefits of newspaper reading.

Shuha: Government or non-government organizations test your general knowledge and writing skills during recruitment. So, to overcome the obstacle of the recruitment test reading newspapers is very important. Regular newspaper readers can take their level of general knowledge to the highest level. So, reading the newspaper is undoubtedly important.

Suma: Thank you, my dear friend. I have got so many ideas about the importance of reading newspapers.

Shuha: You are always welcome, dear.

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