Completing story the boys and the frogs:

“The Boys and the Frogs” is an important story for SSC and HSC examinations. It is also an interesting and educative story. Students of schools and colleges should read the story of the boys and the frogs as it is common in their syllabus.

In the question paper, a few lines will be given from the beginning of the story. Students have to complete the story by writing their own words.

The boys and the frogs:

There was a big pond in a certain village. There lived a lot of frogs in the pond. One day some boys were playing near the pond  …………….. ………………………….  By the pond, there were a lot of small stones. The leader of the boys told other boys to play a game by throwing stones toward the frogs targeting their heads. And who will be able to hit the head of the frog will be the winner.

The boys started collecting stones from nearby and started throwing targeting the head of the frogs. Some of the frogs were wounded seriously. The boys were very happy and they were enjoying the distress of the frogs.

There was an old frog in the pond. The old frog raised its head over the water and requested the boys to stop throwing stones toward them.

The leader of the boys wanted to know why they should stop throwing stones. Because they were playing and enjoying their game.

The old frog replied, “What is game for you that is the cause of our death”. Then the boys could understand their fault and stopped throwing stones at the frogs.

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