Composition village life vs city life

Village life vs city life is an important composition for the students of schools and colleges. By reading the composition village life vs city life students will be familiar with the following terms:

  • Village life.
  • Advantages of village life.
  • Disadvantages of village life.
  • City life.
  • Advantages of city life.
  • Disadvantages of city life.

Village life vs city life

From the beginning of civilization, human beings realized the necessity of living together. There were so many reasons behind living in groups. The main reasons were getting help from one another, finding a life partner to form a family, protecting themselves from the enemy, protecting themselves from the animals, collecting food, and so on. In this way, people formed society.

For the necessity of society, people started living in a particular place. They found places that were favorable for living. They set up or founded some institutes there to make their life comfortable and easier. Thus they founded a village. The most important institutes were schools for the education of their children, markets to buy and sell necessary things, blacksmith shops, barber shops, wells to collect water, etc. They also made roads by using soil and bridges using bamboo or trees for their communication. They started rearing up cows, goats, hens, ducks, etc. With all these facilities early people formed a village.

There is a little bit of difference between the ancient village and the modern village. But the idea and amenities of the village are almost the same.

Advantages of village life

People who live in the village lead a village life. They are called villagers. Nowadays villagers enjoy so many modern facilities like the city people. Mobile networks, internet, dish TV, schools and colleges, banks, etc. are available in the villages now. Most of the roads of villages are also paved roads. As the density of the population is low in the villages, different types of pollution are also relatively low. Villagers get fresh water from deep tube wells, ponds, canals, or rivers.

Fresh food, fresh vegetables, and fresh fish are available in villages. The villagers themselves produce all these. They also get fresh air because there are plenty of trees in the villages. We know trees are the source of fresh air. Village people also get enough open space to walk and spend their free time. The young people of villages can play various types of games and sports in their yards.

Besides, there are so many open spaces for them to play traditional and modern games and sports such as ha-du-du, gollachut, dariabandha, football, cricket, etc. Village life is calm and quiet and they have enough time to chat with their near and dear ones. A moonlit night is amazing in a village.

Disadvantages of village life

Load Shedding is a common problem in most of the villages. Villages lack the scope of higher education. The students of villages go to big cities and towns to receive higher education. Another problem in the village is the lack of employment opportunities. In search of work and jobs, the village people move to cities and towns.

Modern jobs require modern skills. To acquire these skills training is a must. The absence of modern training centers for professional and skill development in villages keeps the villagers unskilled. As a result, they do not get a good job and a good salary.

Nowadays traditional education is not enough to fit the modern workforce. The lack of training facilities to develop life skills is a great disadvantage of village life. Another disadvantage of village life is the lack of hospitals and doctors. For better treatment villagers have to go to hospitals located in the cities.

Advantages of city life

Cities are the heart of a country. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. It is the center of our economic activities. Most of the best educational institutes are situated in Dhaka. There are so many general and specialized hospitals in Dhaka. Good and qualified doctors are also available in this city.

The city has every sort of glamour to attract people of all classes. There is plenty of employment opportunity. This is why people from across the country gather in this city to get a suitable job. Chottogram, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, and Barishal are some other big cities in Bangladesh. Chottogram is the second largest city in our country. All types of modern facilities are available in these cities. Like Dhaka, these cities also have international-standard schools, colleges and universities. People prefer cities for education, treatment, jobs, business, and a colourful life.

Broadband internet, strong mobile network continuous electricity supply are some mentionable advantages of city life. Dhaka is the main business hub of Bangladesh. The second business hub of Bangladesh is Chottogram. In the city, there is a city authority. The city authority supplies water, electricity, and gases to the citizens. They also clean the garbage of the city.

There is a sewerage authority to provide sewerage and drainage facilities for the citizens of a city. Parks, theatres, zoos, museums, cinema halls, sports fields, public libraries, and clubs are also available in cities for the recreation of its citizens.

Disadvantages of city life

City life also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of city life is pollution. Air pollution is a common problem in most of the cities of the world. Dhaka is one of the worst polluted countries in the world. Sound pollution is also a big problem in cities.

City life is expensive. People have to pay a huge amount of money for their food, lodging, and to enjoy other amenities. Citizens of cities have to pay a certain amount of taxes. Cities are always crowded. An unhealthy density of people prevails in Dhaka city. The density of people is higher in cities than in the village. A large number of vehicles remain always in action to carry the busy city people from one corner to another.

Working people are always busy reaching their destination. This causes traffic jams in the streets. Violence and crimes are common in city life. Extortion, killing, gang crime, and drugs are some common problems in cities.

To sum up the above discussion we can say that both the cities and villages have some attractions, advantages, and disadvantages. Some people like the village and some people like the city. I prefer village life.

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