A Journey by Bus composition

A Journey by Bus is a common and important composition for the students of all classes. So, students should read and write the composition again and again to get good marks in the exams.

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(Composition-1): A Journey by Bus

A journey is always pleasant to me. My heart leaps up with joy whenever I go on a journey. Last summer vacation I got an opportunity to make a journey by bus.

My uncle lives in Khulna. He invited me to visit Khulna. On the occasion of last summer vacation, I visited my uncle’s home in Khulna. 

On a sunny morning, I went to the Gabtali bus station to go to Khulna. I bought a ticket for an AC bus. I was lucky to have my seat by the side of a window. At 7:30 AM our bus started running towards Khulna. Just after 30 minutes, our bus crossed Savar Bazar.

There was beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. I was amazed at the roadside natural scenery. I also became very happy to see green trees through the window.

Our bus was luxurious. The interior of the bus was very beautiful. The seat was attractive and pleasant. There was enough space to stretch our feet. Besides, by leaning the seat backward a passenger can sleep comfortably. The supervisor of the bus was very much friendly. The driver of the bus was an expert in driving.

We were given food and cold drinks inside the bus. High speed gives us mixed feelings, feelings of fear and pleasure. At the very beginning, I was afraid of the high speed of the bus but over time, it became a pleasure for me.

After one and a half an hour our bus reached Aricha ferry ghat. We crossed the mighty Padma river by a big ferry. After crossing the Padma our bus again started running towards Khulna.

I saw amazing natural scenery through the window and became very happy. The charming natural scenery along the highway was soothing and eye-catching. At 3:30 PM our bus reached Khulna bus station. I enjoyed the journey very much because it was my first journey by bus to a long distance. I made a short-distance bus journey in Dhaka before.

My uncle was there to receive me. We hired a rickshaw to reach our destination. It was a nice journey. I will never forget the memory of this beautiful journey.

(Composition-2): A Journey by Bus

Oftentimes, it is said that a journey by bus is dull but I can share my experiences regarding this which is quite different. I would like to describe in short, my experiences and feelings about the journey by bus I made last week.

Rakin is my friend from middle school and we are also classmates in high school. During this time, he repeatedly mentioned his hometown Rangamati. Several times he asked me to visit his home. But for one reason or another, I could not accompany my friend Rakin. However, this time he fixated his mind that he would take me to his beautiful hometown. As our annual examinations were over, I also needed a break from the mundane life, so when he invited me, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

By fixing the date of the journey, we bought two tickets for a bus. Finally, the day came. Our bus was set to start the journey at 6.30 in the morning. The bus station is near our home. So, we left our home at 5.45 AM to reach the station on time. Since the journey was going to be a long eight to ten hours, we took some dried snacks with us to eat on the way.

I haven’t seen a bus station so quiet in Dhaka because the city is always bustling. As it was early in the morning so there wasn’t any crowd. So, without any hassle, we got our bus and seat.

Our bus started running on due time. After three hours of driving the bus stopped for breakfast in a local restaurant several miles away from Dhaka. We had an excellent breakfast with bread, eggs, and coffee. Having breakfast all the passengers boarded the bus and it again started moving towards our destination. The supervisor of the bus was damn smart and polite. He was going to every single passenger to know whether they needed anything. The supervisor played a beautiful Bangla song on the speaker. On a running bus and the highway, the song was so sweet to hear.

After taking another journey break to have lunch, Rakin and I peacefully watched the world passing by us through the window. At one stage, we fall asleep on the cozy and comfortable seat of the luxurious bus. When I woke up, my eyes instantly noticed the appealing sunset. What an amazing view that was! I was enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It was a stunning sunset.

The rest of the journey, I and Rakin spent talking about our childhood. The discussion of all those childhood memories added to the sweetness of the trip. In the end at around 7.30 PM, we reached Rangamati. From there we took a three-wheeler to reach Rakin’s grandfather’s home.

It was a lovely bus journey. All the memories of the bus journey are so sweet. Traveling with my close friend made the entire travel more thrilling and exciting. I shall never forget the memory of this attractive and amusing bus journey.

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