Paragraph A Tea Stall for SSC

A tea stall is a common paragraph in the syllabus of schools and colleges. So, students should know how to write a paragraph on a tea stall.

Students easily can write a paragraph on a tea stall by keeping in mind the following terms:

  • What is a tea stall?
  • Locations of the tea stall.
  • Things we find in a tea stall except for tea.
  • The way of keeping tea hot.
  • Working hours of the tea stall owner.
  • Who are the customers of a tea stall?

(Paragraph-1): A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a common scene in our society. We find tea stalls everywhere. Tea stalls are seen in cities, towns, bazaars, railway stations, bus stations, and even on footpaths.

It is common in both rural and urban areas. The tea shop owner sells hot tea in a tea shop. Different types of tea are served here. Such as Red tea, milk tea, green tea, etc. In some tea stalls, coffee and different types of fruit juice are also available.

We also get snacks like biscuits, cakes, chips, bananas, bread, etc. in a tea stall. A tea stall is a meeting place for tea lovers. They gather at a tea stall, take tea, and raise a storm over a cup of tea. A typical tea stall is not usually clean.

The tea stall owner always keeps the kettle or pot of tea on the stove of a tea stall to serve hot tea to the customers. The tea stall owner opens his stall very early in the morning and closes at late night. In Bangladesh, a tea stall is a very popular place. Both the rural and urban people gather in a tea stall to take tea.

People from all walks of life come to a tea stall to enjoy tea. During the time of enjoying tea, they gossip with each other about local, national, and international affairs. A tea stall is indeed a place of social gathering.

(Paragraph-2): A Tea Stall

Before the arrival of the British people, the people of the Indian sub-continent especially the Bangla-speaking people were not habituated to drinking tea.

There is a popular story that roaming around different areas British people offered tea to the people of Bangladesh free of cost. In this way, the people of this Bengal Delta have become used to drinking tea. Now undoubtedly tea is the most popular beverage in Bangladesh.

There are two main reasons behind the popularity of tea. One is its super easy availability and the other one is low price. Prepared hot tea is available everywhere in our country. A person does not need to walk a long way to have a cup of tea. He will get a tea stall within a few meters of his right or left.

Tea stalls have become a part of our culture. Having tea in a tea stall is a common practice in our country. The people who regularly drink tea go to a tea stall at least once or twice a day. Going to a tea stall and having tea is a habit of most people just like eating rice.

As tea is the most popular aromatic beverage in our country tea stalls are profitable business shops. Another reason for the availability of tea stalls is to set up a tea stall it does not require a huge amount of money. By spending a few thousand takas someone can start a tea stall. Anyone can start a business of a tea stall anywhere because a few square feet of space is enough for a tea stall. To mitigate unemployment tea stalls are contributing a lot. Millions of unemployed people have eliminated the curse of unemployment by setting up tea stalls.

A tea stall is a popular meeting place in Bangladesh. People invite their friends to have a cup of tea in a tea stall. They drink tea, gossip and enjoy a beautiful time with their friends. While taking tea people discuss various current issues in a tea stall. A tea stall is a favorite place for Bangladeshi people to spend their free time.

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