Paragraph My First Day at School

The first day at school is a memorable day for all of us. The paragraph My First Day at School reminds the students of their memory of the very first day when they entered a school as a student. This is a common paragraph in the syllabus of the schools.

(Paragraph-1): My First Day at School

My first day at school is the most memorable day of my life. In 2009 I was three years old. I can remember a very important event that happened then. That was my first experience on my first day at school. It was the 23 March 2009. On that day my mother took me to Uttara High School. I was somewhat afraid of finding myself in a new environment. My mother took me to the headmaster’s room. The headteacher asked me my name and some easy questions. I could answer all of them.

Then I was taken to the classroom at 10:00 am. The class teacher Mrs. Farzana Alam ma’am appeared before us. We all stood up and showed her respect. It was a 45-minute class. All the time she treated us as her friends. She made fun of us. We all enjoyed the whole time very much. When the bell rang she left the class. I became familiar with some of the students. The day was very enjoyable. I will never forget the day.

(Paragraph-2): My First Day at School

Right now, I am a student in class ten. I have been studying at this school for the last 12 years. I took admission in class play in the year 2010. Then nursery, then junior one, and now class ten in 2022.

I can still remember the first day of my school though I was four years old then. My father and my mother took me to school wearing a beautiful dress. They took me to the principal’s room. It was a big and beautiful room. I got scared. But the sweet words of the principal put me at ease. The principal sir offered me some chocolates. He talked to me just like my father and mother. Principal Sir made me laugh by saying some interesting words.

He called a teacher. A beautiful and smart woman came. She was the class teacher of the playgroup. She took me in her lap and took me to a beautiful classroom. There were some students of my age. My class teacher told them to welcome me. They welcomed me by clapping. My class teacher told me to call her Tamanna Miss. Tamanna Miss wanted to know my name. I told her my name. She introduced me to the students. I was in the class for half an hour. My class teacher gave me some new, beautiful and colorful books.

She then took me to my parents. In the meantime, my parents completed my admission procedure. Saying goodbye to Tamanna miss and principal sir we left the school for that day. The memory of the day will remain ever-fresh for the rest of my life. I will never forget the memory of my first day at school.

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