Paragraph on Global Warming

The paragraph on global warming is important for the examinees of SSC and HSC. So, the students of schools and colleges should read and write the paragraph on global warming repeatedly to take a good preparation for their exams.

After reading this paragraph students will be familiar with the following terms,

  • An idea about global warming.
  • Reasons for global warming.
  • Role of carbon-di-oxide.
  • Ways to control the emission of carbon dioxide.
  • Effects of global warming.
  • How to prevent global warming.

(Paragraph-1): Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. The rise of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is the main reason for global warming. The depletion of trees is another cause of global warming.

We know, that trees take away carbon dioxide to prepare their food. But because of deforestation, carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere and it leads to global warming. So, if we can plant more and more trees, they will absorb the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and will help to decrease global warming.

The burning of excess fossil fuel emits huge toxic fumes into the atmosphere and causes global warming. Global warming has disastrous effects on lives and nature. Some areas on Earth are experiencing a sudden rise in temperature. On the contrary, others are experiencing a sudden fall in the temperature.

Scientists have warned that, because of global warming, the sea level of the Bay of Bengal will rise. As a result, the coastal areas of Bangladesh will go underwater in the near future. And if it happens, millions of people will become homeless. So, this is a reason for great worry for us.

The climate of the whole world is fluctuating because of global warming. Because of global warming, the ozone layer is being damaged. And as a result, the harmful ultraviolet rays are coming directly into the world and causing a huge disaster.

World leaders are trying to solve this problem by controlling the emission of carbon dioxide from mills and factories worldwide. We hope they will be successful in their mission. Otherwise, the whole world will be in great disaster.

(Paragraph-2): Global Warming

The global temperature has been increasing slowly for the last few decades. However, the rate of temperature rise has accelerated in the last few years.

The increase in temperature of the earth and the earth’s atmosphere is called global warming. Global warming has a severe detrimental effect on Earth’s fauna.

Humans are responsible for all the causes of global warming. And what a cruel irony of fate that humans are suffering the most from global warming.

The factors that are most responsible for global warming are – unplanned urbanization, industrialization, black smoke from vehicles, abnormal population growth, building new buildings for growing people, expansion of agricultural lands, construction of new roads, expansion of old roads, construction of new towns, expansion of old towns, etc.

In our nature, there should be a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide for a better livable environment. But our actions to meet the diverse needs of overpopulation disturb the balance of the environment. For all these development activities we cut a huge number of trees and invite our woes one of which is global warming.

Vehicles and factories emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Emissions from factories and engine vehicles play a major role in warming the earth’s atmosphere. It is proved that areas with trees and water bodies have much lower temperatures than urban or industrial areas.

We are also destroying our water bodies like rivers, canals, ponds, etc. We are filling our reservoirs with sands for housing, industrialization, or urbanization without thinking about the dire consequences of global warming. As a result, most of the countries in the world are suffering from the dreadful ramifications of global warming.

In recent years, especially in 2023 and 2024, the people of the south Asian countries have been feeling the frightful temperature due to global warming. Meanwhile in April 2024, in some places in South Asia, the mercury of temperature exceeded 45 degrees Celsius which is a horrible experience for the people of this region. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department issued a heat wave warning in April and advised people not to go out of their homes in the daytime unnecessarily.

If we are still not aware and vigilant in controlling the factors like carbon emissions responsible for global warming, more dire days may await us in the coming years.

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