Paragraph E-Learning for SSC and HSC

E-learning is an important paragraph for SSC and HSC examinations. In the present world, e-learning is becoming popular because of its easy access and many advantages.

To make it convenient for the readers the paragraph is divided into different parts. Students are requested to write a single paragraph in their answer script.

E-Learning Paragraph

After reading the paragraph the readers will be able to answer the following questions,

  1. What is e-learning?
  2. What are the platforms for e-learning?
  3. Who are the stakeholders of e-learning?
  4. Why e-learning is important?
  5. What are the advantages of e-learning?


The word E-learning stands for electronic learning. This is the time of technology. The combination of different types of electronic devices like smartphones, computers, or tab and Information Technology makes e-learning successful.

Educational websites and video platforms like YouTube help students and teachers to teach and learn. They do not need to meet face to face in a certain place like a classroom. This is a very good example of e-learning.

Teachers and students also use various apps like Zoom, messenger, and WhatsApp, for teaching and learning. At the time of the pandemic when educational institutes all over the world were closed e-learning helped students and teachers to be connected to deliver and receive their lessons. Even after the pandemic e-learning system is helpful and effective.

In the modern world, online classes are not less effective than offline classes. Because of modern technology e-learning is becoming popular day by day.

Whenever people need answers to any questions they search their questions in search engines like Google, yahoo, or Bing. Receiving the queries of the people the search engine finds the answer in different websites and shows those websites in front of us. This is also a great example of e-learning.

E-learning has many advantages compared to traditional teaching. In traditional classroom teaching, we have to present physically at a fixed time. But in e-learning, we can fix our learning and teaching time at our convenient time.

A teacher can make video content and publish it on a particular platform at his convenient time or can write a lesson and publish it on a website. Students can watch the video or go through the written text whenever they are free.

Both the teachers and students do not need to use a particular place for their teaching and learning. They can teach and learn from wherever they are and whenever they wish. These are the great advantages of e-learning and that is why e-learning is becoming more popular.

Besides these advantages e-learning has some more advantages for example students and teachers do not go to college which saves their time and money. They get plenty of time to study more.

E-learning also helps students and teachers to develop their computer and internet skills.

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