Letter to a friend thanking for hospitality

Writing a letter to a friend thanking him for his hospitality is a common informal letter for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should emphasize learning how to write a letter to a friend thanking him for his hospitality. By writing more students can develop their writing skills which will help to get good marks on their exams. They also should be careful about spelling mistakes at the time of writing.

Hospitality is a traditional culture of Bangladeshi people. We inherited the tradition of serving and satisfying guests. In cities or rural areas, every single family in Bangladesh becomes so delighted whenever guests visit their home. They leave no stone unturned to serve their guests food, fruits, and beverages with the best etiquette. They do everything possible to put the truly delicious food on the plate of the guests. Inviting friends and relatives to our home and serving them with good food is a common practice in our society.

Best wishes to the students.

(Letter-1): Write a letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality

Suppose, you are Rafin a high school student. The name of your best friend is Safin. On the invitation of Safin, you went to Safin’s home and stayed there for two days. You have been amazed at the hospitality of the members of Safin’s family. Now write a letter to Safin thanking him for his hospitality.


July 6, 2021

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Safin,

Take my cordial love. Hope you are well. I’m also well.

I reached my home safe and sound. Thank you for the hospitality at your home. I will never forget the hospitality of you and your family members. I will never forget the loving words and caring attitude of your mother. How delicious foods your mother cooked! It was the rainy season. There was heavy rain outside and we were enjoying delicious “Bhuna khichuri”. What a combination of weather and food it was!

My parents praised the taste and design of the pithas I brought from your home. I can still remember the excellent taste of “Payesh” prepared by your mother. I will never forget the caring behavior of your father. Your brother and I enjoyed a lot by playing games on your computer. It was a great time.

My parents told me to invite you. So, please come to our home next winter vacation. We all are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

No more today.

Your loving friend,


House#4, Road#02House#07, Road#27
Uttara, DhakaDhanmondi, Dhaka

(Letter-2): Write a letter to a friend thanking her for her hospitality

Suppose, you are Sabiha a student of Dhaka University. Tamanna is your close friend. You and Tamanna studied in the same college. Now Tamanna lives in Rangpur with her parents. During last summer vacation, you went to Tamanna’s house on invitation from her mother. They treated and entertained you very well. Now write a letter to your friend Tamanna thanking her for the hospitality of her family.


Heartfelt love for you and your parents. I cannot but express my gratitude to you and your parents for the hospitality I received at your home. Please convey my admiration and thanks to your parents.

Your family showed such extraordinary hospitality that I have never heard of or received. It’s my pleasure that I have a friend of such a generous and hospitable family.

Your father managed big fish from the market that I liked so much. The fish fry, chicken biryani, different types of vegetables, and so many tasty desserts impressed me. You know I am a food lover. However, I will never forget the excellent taste of the food cooked by your mother.

Besides, the love and care that your parents showed to me is unparalleled. As long as I stayed at your home you and your parents always inquired about what I needed. It was incredibly fascinating.

Reaching Dhaka I informed every detail to my mother. She told me to write a letter of thanks for the hospitality of you and your parents. My mother also told me to invite you and your parents to our home. Please come to our home with your parents as soon as possible.

We are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Please accept our invitation. Waiting for your quick response.

Your loving friend


House#4, Road#0244 College Road
Mirpur-2, DhakaRangpur City

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