Dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning computer

Writing a dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning computer is one of the important academic conversations for the SSC examination. So, the SSC examinees should know how to write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning computer. Students should emphasize reading and writing the dialogue multiple times to get good marks in their exams.

(Dialogue-1): Between two friends about the importance of learning computer

Suppose, you are a high school student. Ahsan is your close friend. Both of you study in the same school. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning computer.


Myself: Good morning.

Ahsan: Good morning.

Myself: How are things going?

Ahsan: Fine. What about you?

Myself: Better than ever. I have been looking for you for a while.

Ahsan: Why? Any special news?

Myself: In one sense it is special. We all know that your computer literacy is very good. In one word, you are tech-savvy. You help us in solving various computer operating issues. So, I would like to know details from you about the importance of learning computer.

Ahsan: You know the computer is one of the greatest inventions of modern science. Without having computer literacy we can’t keep pace with the modern world.

Myself: What can we do by using a computer?

Ahsan: By using a computer we can do whatever we wish.

Myself: Can a computer cook food for us?

Ahsan: Very good question. A computer directly cannot cook food. However, probably you have heard about robots and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the programming language. A robot can cook food if the computer programmers make special software for a special robot using the programming language.

Myself: Is it possible for you and me to become software developers?

Ahsan: Why not? But it requires huge practice and effort to become an expert in different programming languages to develop market-fit and unique software that will benefit people.

Myself: Would you please mention the name of some programming languages?

Ahsan: There are so many programming languages to create software. Among them, the most popular languages are C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.

Myself: What is the future of learning computer programming? I mean will computer programmers get a job easily?

Ahsan: Bright and prospective future. Because in the coming years, programmers will contribute a lot to science and technology, trade and commerce, education, recreation, etc. So, computer programmers will be in high demand in the job market.

Myself: Would you please mention some more works of a computer?

Ahsan: Drawing and editing pictures, creating and editing videos, diagnosis of diseases, trains, buses, and airplanes ticketing, preparing results, making software for a special purpose, and whatnot.

Myself: We are students. So, I want to know the importance of learning computers for a student.

Ahsan: Learning computer is essential for both teachers and students. The computer helps a student in preparing assignments, PowerPoint presentations, notes on different subjects, etc. Computer is a machine, so you must learn how to operate it.

Myself: Thank you for your information about the importance of learning computer.

Ahsan: You are always welcome.

(Dialogue-2): Between two friends about the importance of learning computer

Suppose, you are Sabiha. Your SSC examination is over. You have bought a computer. Sabrina is your close friend. She has been using a computer for the last three years. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Sabrina about the importance of computer.


Sabiha: Hello Sabrina.

Sabrina: Hi Sabiha.

Sabiha: How is your day going?

Sabrina: Pretty good because the exam is over so no tension. What about you?

Sabiha: I am so delighted because I bought a computer yesterday.

Sabrina: Really? It’s a good decision.

Sabiha: Now I need your guide to learn computer. Everyone says that learning computer is important. Would you please tell me the importance of learning computer?

Sabrina: The computer is such a device that helps us to simplify our everyday work.

Sabiha: How does a computer help us to simplify our work?

Sabrina: Suppose you are looking for information. You can get the desired information with just one click of computer. Besides, a computer can solve any mathematical problem within a moment. It also can analyze millions of data within a short time.

Sabiha: Please tell me some more works of computer.

Sabrina: Design, edit photos, edit videos, diagnose diseases, transport ticketing, prepare exam results, make software, etc.

Sabiha: We are students. How important is computer learning for us?

Sabrina: Learning computer is very important for every single student. The knowledge and skill of computer help a student in many ways.

Sabiha: Would you please give one or two examples?

Sabrina: You can take part in online classes using computer. For academic research, the computer is the most important tool. Without computer literacy, you will not get any job. Even a student can earn money as a freelancer with the help of computer. So, learning computer is very important for every single person.

Sabiha: How can we earn money side by side studying from the computer?

Sabrina: By learning a particular skill of computer, you can earn money from home and abroad.

Sabiha: Detail please.

Sabrina: Suppose you are good at graphic design. There are so many works of graphic design in the international marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork and also in Bangladesh. By doing the work of local and international clients using your computer you can earn money. This is widely known as freelancing.

Sabiha: I like video editing.

Sabrina: You should learn what you love.

Sabiha: Thank you for your beautiful guidance about the importance of learning computer.

Sabrina: My pleasure.

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