Chart of the percentage of expenditure of a family

Describing a chart of the percentage of expenditure of a family is an important chart description for SSC and HSC examinations. This type of chart is also important for the people who are going to take part in IELTS.

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(Chart description-1): Describing a chart of a family’s monthly expenditure

The chart below shows the percentage of a family’s household income distributed into different categories. Now describe the pie chart in your own words.

Chart of expenditure of a family

The pie chart shows the percentage of a family’s expenditure. Let’s assume this is a chart of the family’s monthly expenditures.

From the pie chart, we can see that the family spends 28% of their total income on food. Food is the most important basic need of human beings. As a result, the family is spending more money on buying food than other needs.

The second highest money the family spends on education. The data of the chart shows that the family is spending 25% money of their total income. This is a good investment. Because we know investment in education returns multiple times.

The third expenditure of the family is savings. The family saves 12% of their total income for the future. They are concerned about their future. So, they deposit a good percentage of their total income for the future necessity.

The fourth expenditure of the family is transport. For going to school, college, or office a family uses different types of vehicles. So, a family has to spend money on transport. The figures in the chart indicate that the family is spending 12% of their total income on transport every month.

The next expenditure of the family is clothing. The family spends 10% of their total income on buying clothes. We know clothing is one of the important basic needs. As a result, a family has to buy clothes to meet the demand for this basic need.

Different types of electric and electronic appliances are necessary for a modern family. To run these appliances power is a must. So, the family spends 5% of their total income to pay the bill of power.

Apart from the mentioned things of expenditure, there are some other things necessary for a family. To meet the demand for those things the family spends the rest of the 8% of income on other expenditures.

To sum up the description of the chart we can say that the family spends most of their income on food and education. And their budget of expenditure shows that the family is fully aware of money management.

(Chart description-2): Describe the chart of the percentage of expenditure of a family

The chart indicates the percentage of monthly expenditure of a family.

The area of expenses of the family are food, education, savings, transport, clothes, power, and others.

The main two sectors of expenditure of the family are food and education. The family spends 28% on food and 25% on education of their total income.

The family is very much aware of their future emergency necessity. So, according to the data of the chart they spend 12% of the family’s earnings for savings.

Transport is a common necessity of every single family. School-going and office-going members of a family use transport. So, transport fare is a general expenditure. The family spends 12% money every month on transport fares.

The chart also shows that the family spends 10% of their income on clothing. Besides, the family spends 5% money of their monthly earnings on paying the bills for household power consumption.

The last expenditure item of the family according to the chart is others. It means miscellaneous expenses of the family. The data shows that 8% of income is the family’s expenditure.

From the given chart we can see the data of a family’s monthly expenditure.

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