Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of physical exercise

Writing a dialogue between two friends about the importance of physical exercise is an important writing topic for the students. The dialogue about the importance of physical exercise is common in the exams. So, students should practice writing the dialogue, again and again, to get good marks in the exams.

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(Dialogue-1): Between two friends about the importance of physical exercise

Suppose, you are Shanila a student of class nine. Sabrina is your close friend. Both of you study in the same school. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Sabrina about the importance of physical exercise.


Shanila: Hello Sabrina, what’s up?

Sabrina: Everything is all right. What about you?

Shanila: Not so bad.

Sabrina: What about your back pain?

Shanila: Because of regular physical exercise now my back pain is under control.

Sabrina: Great news. I have been looking for you for the last couple of days.

Shanila: Why? Have any special reasons?

Sabrina: I would like to discuss with you about the importance of physical exercise.

Shanila: Well, you know, to be healthy and fit physically and mentally we should do physical exercise regularly.

Sabrina: How does physical exercise help us to be fit physically and mentally?

Shanila: Through physical exercise, we can move every limb of our body which helps us to be fit physically. And you know physical fitness is the root of mental fitness.

Sabrina: Would you please give me some more information about physical exercise?

Shanila: At the time of physical exercise we sweat a lot and through sweating, fat comes out of our body that helps our body to be fit.

Sabrina: Happy to know some good things about physical exercise.

Shanila: It’s not enough knowing only about the good sides of physical exercise. We also should spend at least a few minutes doing physical exercise daily to have a disease-free and happy life.

Sabrina: I do agree with you. I will start from tomorrow.

Shanila: Why not from today? You can start now with me.

Sabrina: Good idea. Let’s start.

(Dialogue-2): Between two friends about the importance of physical exercise


Ashik: Hello Rashik! Where have you been for the last couple of days?

Rashik: I have been suffering from physical illness as a result I could not come to college.

Ashik: How do you feel right now?

Rashik: Somewhat better than before.

Ashik: What happened to you?

Rashik: I have been suffering from severe back pain. I even could not get up from bed.

Ashik: Did you consult with any doctor?

Rashik: Yes. I consulted with a registered doctor.

Ashik: What did the doctor prescribe?

Rashik: It was an amazing prescription. He did not prescribe any medicine to recover. He advised me to exercise regularly.

Ashik: Great. I was also thinking so. Physical exercise can keep us fit and keep most of the diseases aloof from our bodies.

Rashik: Right you are. After doing regular physical exercise according to the suggestion of the doctor, I have got relief from the severe back pain.

Ashik: Will you continue physical exercise?

Rashik: Sure. I have got the hands-on results of the physical exercise. What about you?

Ashik: I know that physical exercise is important. So, I take physical exercise at times. I am not regular. But I should be regular in doing physical exercise.

Rashik: You should not stop physical exercise. If you know the benefits of physical exercise you will never stop it.

Ashik: Would you please tell me what the doctor said about the importance of physical exercise?

Rashik: My doctor said that if we can burn extra calories in our body we can remain physically fit. And physical exercise can easily burn extra calories and fat. As a result, it reduces the risk of heart disease. To control the weight of the body physical exercise is important. Besides, physical exercise also helps us to improve our mental health.

Ashik: I have known so many important benefits of physical exercise from you. Thank you.

Rashik: You are always welcome.

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