Story Who will bell the cat

The story of Who Will Bell the Cat is an important writing activity for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know the story to write in their answer scripts. The writer has written the story using simple and easy English so that students can easily read and understand the story.

Best of luck to the students.

(Story-1): Who will bell the cat

Once there was a rich man in a small town. He had a big and beautiful house where his family lived. They were passing their days happily. But all of a sudden the house of the rich man became infested with rats……………………………….

The rats were moving here and there inside the house always. They were eating wheat, rice, bread, fruits, and whatnot. They were tearing the new and old clothes of the house members. The number of rats was huge. The house became like the city of Hamelin. We all know the story of Hamelin where rats became a great nuisance for the citizens of the town. The rats in the rich man’s house also became a great nuisance for the members of the house.

The rats snatched away their happiness. They were searching for a suitable solution to get rid of the nuisance of the rats. One evening they all sat together to discuss the matter to find solutions to the problem. The house owner’s wife suggested bringing a cat to kill the rats. Everyone liked the idea. The next day the house owner brought a big cat from the nearby village.

The cat started killing the rats one by one. The cat became a terror for the rats. They could not move freely. The cat killed several rats every day finding out from everywhere. The cat became a threat to their existence.

Finding no other way one day the most senior rat called a meeting of the rats. All the rats joined the meeting. The old rat described their deplorable condition. He also told the rats to give suggestions to deal with the situation. Everyone was thinking about the solution. Right at that moment, a young rat suggested that they could hang a bell on the neck of the cat. And if they can do it they would be informed of the cat’s movement because of the sound of the bell. All rats became happy to hear the excellent suggestion and solution.

Whenever all the rats looked at the old rat, he said, “Who will bell the cat?” The question made everyone baffled. There was pin-drop silence over there.

Moral of the story: Commenting is easy but implementation is much harder.

(Story-2): Who will bell the cat

Some common insects and animals live with human beings in our houses. The insects are mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, etc. The animals are cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, etc. We do not want the insects to stay in our houses. So, we take various steps to drive them out of our houses.

The rats are rodents with short limbs and long tails. The movement of rats is very fast. They hide in such a place of houses where our sight cannot reach easily. Their hiding places are kitchen appliances, under the furniture, store room, etc. As a result, it is difficult to spot the rats and take action to get rid of their disturbance.

Among the animals, some people raise cats, dogs, or rabbits as pets. However, among the small animals, nobody wants rats to live in their home. Rat is always a great nuisance to the members of any family. Every member of a family wants their house to be rat-free.

Today’s story is about the nuisance of rats in the house of a wealthy farmer in a village. Long ago there lived a wealthy farmer family in a beautiful village. They had several acres of familial land. Every year the farmer used to produce a huge amount of different types of crops. The crops were wheat, rice, pulses, potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.

So, round the year the house of the farmer remained full of crops like paddy and wheat. Such type of house is an ideal place for the rats to live. As a result, there were rats always at the house of the wealthy farmer. The rich farmer and the members of his family took it as a natural incident. So, they did not think much about the rats.

But over time the rat infestation exceeded all the levels. The rats started destroying new clothes, paddy, potatoes, wheat, cooked food everything. The farmer’s family became disoriented because of the excess and unusual infestation of the rats. So, they started looking for ways to escape the rat infestation.

One evening, at the dinner table the members of the rich farmer’s family decided to spread poison of rats in some places of the house to kill the rats. According to the decision, the next day the farmer bought rat poison from the market and spread it to different places in his house.

The next morning, they saw only two rats had died. But there were hundreds of rats in their house. The members of the family again sat together to discuss the issue. The farmer’s wife pointed out two negative points about using poison to kill rats. She said, “Using poison is risky where human beings live. So, we should not use poison. Besides, poisoned mice will die in places in the house where we will not find them until they spread the stench. So, we should change our decision to use poison.” Everyone agreed with her.

They were finding a new solution to eliminate rats. At last, they decided to collect a cat to drive the rats from their house. From an amateur cat owner near their house, the rich farmer bought a cat. The cat was healthy and big. It looked terrible.

The rats became terrified to see the terrible face and gigantic figure of the cat. The cat was very expert in finding rats from secret hiding places and killing them with its strong paws. Every day the cat kept killing nine to ten rats. Death panic spread in rat society.

The mice met in a secret place to find a way to escape the cat’s paws of death. Different mice started giving different opinions. Neither proposal was acceptable to all. At one stage a young mouse proposed to hang a bell on the neck of the cat. The logic was when the cat would walk the bell would make a sound and the rats could easily hide in a safer place. All the mice present in the meeting were delighted to hear the excellent idea. They supported the idea unequivocally.

In the meeting, there was an aged and experienced mouse. All the mice looked at him for the approval of the idea. The old cat responded, “Excellent proposal. But my question is who will bell on the neck of the cat?”

Nobody was ready to hear such a question. They were looking at each other. But there was no answer from anyone. So, every single rat was leaving the meeting silently.

Moral of the story: A wise man always thinks about the result before taking any action.

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