Journey by Boat Composition for SSC and HSC:

Journey by boat is an important composition for the students of a riverine country like Bangladesh.

The writer has written the composition journey by boat using simple language. So, it will be easier for the students to read the composition and write it in their answer scripts.

By answering the following questions students will be able to write the composition easily.

  • How is a journey by boat?
  • What was the occasion of your journey?
  • What was the season when you made the journey?
  • How were nature and the river?
  • What was the look of the boat and the boatman?
  • How was the journey?


The boat is a common and popular means of communication in countries where water bodies like rivers, canals, and lakes are available. Bangladesh has hundreds of rivers across the country. So, the boat is a necessary and important means of communication in Bangladesh. In the rainy season, the boat has become more important than in other seasons for the people of Bangladesh.

The occasion of the journey:

It was last June and our college was closed due to summer vacation. Some of my friends and I decided to make a journey by boat. As it was the rainy season so all the rivers were full of water. We decided to make the journey on the Turag River at Ashulia. The reason behind choosing the place is we live at Uttara, Dhaka and Ashulia is not very far from Uttara.

Hiring a boat:

The day before the journey I along with some of my friends went to Ashulia to rent a boat. We went to Ashulia Bazar. Ashulia Bazar is on the bank of the Turag River. With the help of some local people, we could hire a big and beautiful boat.

About the boatman and the boat:

Our boatman was a young and handsome man. He was wearing jeans and a shirt. He was looking smart. His boat was also beautiful. The boat was big enough for a small river journey. That was a passenger boat. The boat was clean and there was enough space for the passengers.

The starting of the journey:

On the day of the journey, we woke up from bed very early in the morning and gathered at Jashimuddin Road of Uttara according to our prior decision. It was about 7.00 AM. We boarded a Savar-bound bus via Ashulia. The bus started running towards Ashulia. It was a holiday and it was also early morning so the road was free. Just after half an hour, the bus reached Ashulia. We got off the bus. We did not have our breakfast. So, we decided to have our breakfast in a restaurant. We went to a restaurant in the Bazar. We had our breakfast with fried eggs, vegetables, and porota. After having our breakfast, we took food for our boatman and boarded the boat.

Where to and where from:

As per the pre-plan, our boatman was rowing his boat toward Mirpur. One important thing I would like to mention here because of modern technology nowadays boatman does not row their boat by using an oar as past. Now they use engines in their boat. Our boat was also an engine boat. We requested the boatman to move slowly. The distance from Ashulia to Mirpur is 5 kilometers. Our boat was moving towards Mirpur gently and slowly. Though there was a disturbing sound from the engine of the boat we were enjoying the movement of the boat. We did not take any sound box or food with us because we just wanted to enjoy the boat journey.

The look of nature and the river:

Though it was the rainy season the sky was crystal clear. There was no cloud in the sky. I think it is because of the climate change in the world. It was scorching hot over the river water. But we were lucky because there was a roof of cloth in the boat over our heads that was protecting us from the direct ray of sunlight. I checked my phone to see the temperature. It was 30 degrees Celsius. Even then the day was sunny and the weather was fine. Our boat was moving south from the north.

There was a gentle breeze that was giving us relief. We were enjoying the beauty of the river and riverside. There were many boats on the river. Some were carrying passengers and some were carrying goods. On the left of the river, there was the Dhaka flood protection dam which is popularly known as Mirpur Berri Badh. This dam is now a busy road connecting Mirpur and Ashulia. Between the Turag River and the dam, there was open space. In that space there were trees. So, the view from the left side of the river was charming.

On the right side of the river, there were different villages of Savar Upazilla. We could enjoy the beauty of real Bangladesh on the right side of the river. After a while, our boat was crossing the river under the Birulia bridge. We took a break near Birulia Bridge to have tea or coffee. It was about 11.00 AM. After having tea, we again started our journey towards Mirpur.

Our boat was moving slowly and we were enjoying the beauty of nature on both sides of the river. Fishermen were catching fish, village boys were swimming, and village women were washing their clothes in the river water. At 12.30 PM we reached Mirpur. We decided to have our lunch at Mirpur. We got off the boat and entered a nearby restaurant by the side of the river. Our boatman was also with us. We ate Chicken biryani. It was 1.30 PM when we returned to our boat.

Our boatman switched on the engine of the boat and started moving towards Ashulia. It was our return journey. All of a sudden there was a heavy cloud in the sky. Without taking any shelter we decided to move. After a while, it started raining and we got drenched. It was also an amusement for us. All the way towards Ashulia it was raining and we were getting the vibes of the rainy season. At 3.00 PM our boat reached at Ashulia Bazar.

Returning home:

Getting off the boat we hired a microbus to reach Dhaka. We bought some fresh vegetables and fish from the Ashulia bazaar. Our microbus started running towards Dhaka at 4.00 PM. As it was a holiday so many tourists were there to watch the natural beauty of that area. So, there was huge traffic on the street. As a result, it took a long time to reach Dhaka. At 5.30 PM we reached our home.


The journey was really amazing. We enjoyed the journey by boat a lot. The memory of this journey will remain ever-fresh. We will never forget the sweet memory of this journey.

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