Story of a brave boy who saved a train:

A brave boy saved a train is a real story. By reading this story students will be inspired to be courageous to serve mankind. This is an important story for the students of schools and colleges.

Story of a brave boy:

A minor boy of age 12 lived in a village. There was a rail line or track just beside their home. The young boy used to play walk and play along the rail track.

One day very early in the morning, the boy was walking along the rail line. He was enjoying his morning walk and the beautiful natural scenery around him.

All of a sudden, the young boy noticed a fracture on the rail track. As his house was close to the rail line, he knew the timetable of train movement. He knew that within a couple of minutes, a train would come along this way.

The boy also knew that the train was a passenger train. And the train would be full of passengers. Among the passengers, there would be so many kids, women, aged people, and also young men and women. The boy got frightened thinking of the ensuing horrible situation.

He thought to do something to avert the accident. He knew that by showing a red sign someone can imply danger. But right at that moment, there was no red cloth with him. The boy was wearing a white shirt and a half pants then.

The house of the boy was a few meters away from the rail line. He had a red shirt in his house which was his favorite shirt. His father bought him the shirt just a few months ago. The boy instantly ran to his house and took a stick and his favorite red shirt. Taking the stick and the shirt he again started running towards the rail line. He tied his red shirt at one side of the stick.

Meanwhile, the brave and intelligent boy heard the whistle of a train. He started running towards the train along the rail line raising the stick and the red shirt over his head. The sun was rising. So, the boy could be seen from a long distance.

The train was coming to the boy at a high speed. The train driver saw a boy running along the train line. The driver also saw that the boy was coming towards the train. He was observing the boy with caution. And then he saw a stick and a red cloth in the boy’s hand.

Seeing the red cloth, the train driver feared something suspicious. The boy was also waving his hand and the shirt. As a result, the driver smelled danger ahead. He could realize that certainly there was something wrong. So, he pressed the brake of the train.

The train slowly slowed down and within a couple of seconds it halted totally. The driver, other staff, and some passengers came down from the train. They came near the boy to know the fact. The boy told them that there was a fracture on the train line just about a hundred meters away.

They rushed to the crack point of the line. Everyone became astonished to see the breakage of the line. It was a huge fracture. If the train would not stop there would be a terrific accident. The train was full of passengers. A number of passengers would injure and die. Every single person was startled at the scene.

The train driver took the boy on his shoulder. Everyone was praising the courage and intelligence of the young boy. The news of the incident spread all over the country. It became a talk of the country. The rail authority awarded the boy. The brave boy became a hero of the country.

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