Write an email inviting your friend to join your birthday party

Writing an email inviting a friend to join a birthday party is an important writing topic in the syllabus of schools and colleges. So, students should know how to write an email inviting their friends to join a birthday party.

Best wishes to the students.

(Email-1): To a friend to join birthday party

Suppose, you are Sadia a student of class 9. Your family lives at Uttara. Your close friend Nadia studies in the same class. But their family lives at Dhaka Cantonment. Next Monday you are going to celebrate your 15th birthday. Now write an email inviting your friend Nadia to join your birthday party.


To: nadiaakter22@gmail.com

From: sadiasultana22@gmail.com

Subject: Letter of invitation to join my birthday party.

Dear Nadia,

Take my cordial love. Hope you are well. I am also well.

You will be happy to know that next Monday is my 15th birthday. My parents will arrange a birthday party on that day at our home. You are cordially invited. My parents also told me to invite you. If you come we all will be happy.

Hoping that you will be present at my birthday party.

Your loving friend


(Email-2): Write an email to your close friend to join your birthday party

Suppose you are Sraboni a student of class ten. Next Sunday you are going to celebrate your 16th birthday. Your best friend Laboni lives in a distant place. Now write an email to Laboni inviting her to attend your birthday party.


To: laboniakter22@gmail.com

From: sraboni22@gmail.com

Subject: Invitation to attend my birthday party.

Dear Laboni,

A big hug and heartfelt love for you. How is going on your days?

You know that next Sunday is my 16th birthday. My parents have decided to celebrate my birthday in a befitting manner. They invited our close relatives.

My mother told me to invite my friends. You are my close friend. So, I cannot but invite you. My mother also told me to invite you, mentioning your name. So, you are cordially invited.

You know without your presence there will be a lack of enjoyment. So, please join my birthday party. My mother will talk to your mother to get her consent.

Eagerly waiting to see you at the party.

Your loving friend


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