Chart of the modes of transport in Bangladesh

The pie chart below shows the percentage of travellers in Bangladesh travelling in different transportation ways per day. Describe the pie chart in your own words.

Modes of transport in Bangladesh

The chart shows the percentage of travellers in Bangladesh who use different modes of transport every day.

The chart indicates that of all the modes of transport, most of the people travel using land vehicles. According to the chart, 75% of travellers use land vehicles to move from one place to another. The common land vehicles in Bangladesh are rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, car, bus, etc.

The data of the chart shows that 10% of travellers travel by train. According to the number of travellers on the chart, the train is the second highest popular mode of transport.

The third popular mode of transportation is Launch and Steamer based on the data of the chart. The percentage of the travellers who travel on launch and steamer is 8%.

The fourth popular mode of transport is the boat in Bangladesh. Though Bangladesh is a country of 1008 rivers only 5% of travellers travel by using boat. The government and the entrepreneurs of the private sector should take some pragmatic steps to invent new technology boats to make boat journeys popular again.

The last mode of communication in the chart is bicycle and others. Besides cycling people also travel on foot. Only 2% of people use bicycle or their foot to travel from one place to another place. People travel on foot or by bicycle for short-distance movement.

So from the chart, we can see and know the percentage of travellers of Bangladesh using different modes of transport to travel.

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