Paragraph on A Railway Station

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(Paragraph-1): A Railway Station

A railway station is a starting and stopping place for trains. There is a platform for the passengers. Passengers board a train and get off the train at a station. The building of a station is generally made of red bricks.

There are separate waiting rooms for male and female passengers. In all the railway stations there are shed over the platform to protect people from rain and sun. A railway station has different office rooms to use for different purposes. There are restaurants, book stalls, tea stalls, newspaper stalls, and stationary stalls here. A railway station is always a crowded place.

Passengers come and go away. In big railway stations, people stand in a queue to buy tickets but in small stations, they do not need to stand in a queue to buy tickets. When the train arrives, the station becomes a busy place, but when it leaves the station, it becomes calm and quiet again.

The signalman moves his red and green flags to control the movement of the train. Train plays an important role in our communication system and that’s why railway station also serves an important role in our rail communication system.

(Paragraph-2): A Railway Station

Among all other public places railway station is one of the most important places for people all over the world. A railway station is always a useful and popular place for users. The train journey is a very popular means of communication among passengers. Compared with other transport the ratio of accidents is much less on the railway. The train journey is also comfortable. There is zero possibility of traffic jams in rail communication. These are some reasons why people love train journeys so much. Whenever the train moves it makes a beautiful sound. This sound makes the passenger nostalgic. This is also a reason why people love train journeys.

For carrying goods train is also popular. The carrying cost of goods is much less by train than any other means of transport. It does not take a long time to send the goods to their destination.

The general view of a railway station is busy. The station becomes busier when a train comes to the station or leaves the station. A railway station looks festive on the eve of the national and religious festivals. People get a long vacation for festivals. So, a huge number of passengers throng in the railway station to go to their near and dear ones. This is the common scenario of the entire world on the eve of different occasions.

The look of a railway station is different between developed and developing countries. Hawkers or vendors are not allowed to roam around a railway station in a developed country to sell their products. But in a developing country, it is a common culture. The hawkers are available at the rail station. They sell different types of things to the passengers. Beggars and vagabonds also roam around at a railway station.

For a train journey, the traveler has to buy a ticket. There are one or more ticket counters at every railway station. A railway station is a useful and important place for commuters.

(Paragraph-3): A Metro Rail Station

Bangladesh has entered the era of Metro Rail. Among all the metro rail stations of Dhaka, the first station is Uttara North.

There are so many differences between a normal traditional railway station and a metro rail station. The normal railway station is situated on the ground. But, the stations and the rail track of the Dhaka metro rail (MRT-6) are about 10 meters up from the ground.

A few days ago I made a journey by metro rail from Uttara North station to Shewrapara, Mirpur. Uttara North station is located at Diyabari, Uttara. I was amazed at seeing the massive station. The station was far above my head.

By using stairs I went up the first floor of the station. The rail track is on the second floor. I was surprised to see the beauty and cleanliness of the station. There was not a single dirt on the floor of the station. The whole station was neat and clean. There were no beggars or hawkers. This is unimaginable in a traditional railway station in Bangladesh.

To go to the second floor the passengers have to purchase tickets. There are two ways of buying tickets. One is manual. Paying money to the ticket seller and collecting tickets. The other way is automatic. There is a ticket vending machine to collect tickets. The passengers put money in the machine and the machine gives the desired ticket. Before giving money a passenger has to select the destination and the machine shows the amount of money.

Buying a ticket for Shewrapara station I went up the second floor. This time we the passengers used escalators (moving staircases) to reach the second floor. This is the top floor of the station and the rail track is set on this floor. This floor of the station is also neat and clean. The whole environment was calm and quiet. What a serene atmosphere it was! I fell in love with the beauty of the station.

Within a minute our train came to the platform. All the passengers boarded the train. The train started running toward Mirpur leaving the Uttara North Metro Station.

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