Paragraph A Moonlit Night for SSC

The paragraph a moonlit night is one of the important paragraphs for the students of schools and colleges. So, the students should read and write this paragraph again and again to do well in their exams.

(Paragraph-1): A Moonlit Night

On a moonlit night, the full moon shines in the sky. Our surrounding environment floods with the amazing light of the full moon. A moonlit night is truly charming and attractive. We can enjoy a moonlit night if the sky is clear. We also can enjoy a moonlit night differently if there are clouds in the sky. It is a disparate pleasure to watch the moon playing hide and seek behind the clouds. The indescribable pleasing view of a moonlit night soothes our eyes and hearts.

A moonlit night brings extraordinary and unique beauty everywhere in the world. Children, teenagers, young and old people love and enjoy a moonlit night.

In Bangladesh, the beauty of a moonlit night cannot be described in words. Bangladesh’s villages, cities, waterways, and highways hold an extraordinary beauty on a moonlit night. Words are not enough to describe the natural beauty of a moonlit night. One must come out of the home to enjoy the scenic beauty of a moonlit night.

Long-distance travelers and buses move on highways at night. The travelers become fascinated seeing the unworldly lovely vision of moonlight. The alluring moonlight illuminates the highway and the trees beside the highway. It is an outstanding scene. The passengers enjoy the beauty of nature on a moonlit night and think, “How beautiful a moonlit night is!”

The water bodies like canals, rivers, ponds, and lakes sparkle with the beautiful light of the moon. Rivers are part of the life of the Bangladeshi people. People use rivers for a wide range of purposes. Bangladeshi people get overwhelmed seeing the amazing beauty of moonlight while traveling on the river by ferry or boat. They enjoy the appearance of the full moon in the sky and the river with their heart and souls.

On university campuses, residential students arrange cultural programs to celebrate moonlit nights. The students play guitar and sing and enjoy self-cooked food. A moonlit night relieves students from the boredom of academic activities.

Rural people of different ages play different types of rural games on a moonlit night. On the other hand, urban people arrange BBQ parties on their rooftops.

Generally, people go to bed late on a moonlit night as they enjoy the beauty of the moonlit night. They pass their time gossiping. This is a great amusement for them. Having a walk on the riverside or the lakeside is also really pleasant that people enjoy on a moonlit night. A moonlit night is really enjoyable for people of all ages.

(Paragraph-2): A Moonlit Night

Whenever the moon shines brightly in a clear cloudless sky is called a moonlit night. The beauty of a moonlit night is difficult to describe in words. Rather it is easy to be realized and enjoyed. People of all ages become amazed at the heavenly beauty of a moonlit night. The soothing light of a moonlit night makes people relaxed. The moonlight of the night is extremely amazing.

A moonlit night appears different in different places. In cities generally, people cannot enjoy the moonlit night because of the numerous artificial electric lights around them. To enjoy a moonlit night city people go to the rooftop. In villages, people easily can enjoy the charm of a moonlit night. They also play different types of rural games like ha-du-du, kanamachi, gollachut, etc. on a moonlit night. They also gossip till late at night sitting in their yard.

The fishermen who catch fish in the rivers can enjoy the heavenly beauty of a moonlit night. They sing and catch fish on a moonlit night. People become nostalgic on a moonlit night. The beauty of the night helps people to forget their anxiety and problems for the time being. Moreover, people become romantic on a moonlit night. The poets and literary of all languages have written lots of poems and novels praising high of the charming beauty of a moonlit night.

There are also so many sweet songs and poems praising the beauty of the moonlit night. The celestial beauty of the night helps the writer to compose something great. Nature around us appears in such a beauty that our subconscious mind falls in love with the moonlit night.

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